Author: Mauro Aiello

4 suggestions to convince travelers to book directly - nozio business

15 Feb 4 suggestions to convince travelers to book directly

A common challenge that many independent hoteliers and consultants of the hospitality sector have to face is to balance the relationship between direct and indirect booking. The threat of OTAs (Online Travel Agency) in undermining a possible share of revenues associated with the opportunity of establishing...

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04 Nov Travel trends 2016 according to Google

As it does every year, Google has published the results of its research on tourism in orde to share the changing digital habits of travelers, with the market. Thanks to the huge amount of data in its possession, Google manages to provide us with detailed results...

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24 Oct Internet and travel. Travelers prefer booking online

"4 out of 5 tourists make their travel bookings online."   This according to a study conducted by the Digital Innovation Observatory for Tourism at the Politecnico di Milano. The data confirm that Italian tourists are using online digital tools to search, plan and above all book...

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Advertisements of your Hotel also shows on Google Maps - Nozio Business

12 Sep Advertisements of your Hotel also shows on Google Maps

Google claims that more than 1 billion people use the Google Maps app and almost one third of the total research carried out on smartphones is for locations. It is so easy to predict that in the nearest future Google Maps will become a true link...

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Metasearch Marketing Advertising - Nozio Premium e Skyscanner

15 Jun News: Nozio Premium + Skyscanner

The metasearch advertising platform Nozio Premium - Advertising & Price has added an additional portal: you can now publish your hotel rates on Skyscanner! Skyscanner currently boasts over 50 million monthly users, offering its services in more than 30 different languages, and is especially effective in...

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