Author: Mauro Aiello

How do european travelers use metasearch engines - Nozio Business

14 Jun How do European travelers use metasearch engines?

In recent years, hotel marketing strategies on the Internet have begun to incorporate metasearch engines: these platforms are dedicated to searching and comparing prices for hotel rooms, airline tickets and other tourism services. Since they've made their appearance in the online tourism market, metasearch engines have...

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Increase the visibility of your hotel's official website beyond OTAs - Nozio Business

31 May Increase the visibility of your hotel’s official website beyond OTAs

Visibility is a sensitive issue in terms of a hotel's marketing strategy. Indeed, with our ATTRACT» CONVERT» SHARE hotel marketing strategy, ATTRACT refers to activities aimed at increasing visibility on the Internet with the aim of bringing highly qualified traffic to the hotel's official website. OTAs (Online Travel...

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3 lessons to learn from startups - Nozio Business

16 May 3 lessons to learn from startups

The excessive amount of control that OTAs (Online Travel Agency) have over the online distribution market has created the need for accommodations to adopt technological and strategic solutions aimed at increasing revenue through direct channels. For this reason, they must have new ideas for planning innovative...

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5 ways to turn OTA customers into direct bookings

10 May 5 ways to turn OTA customers into direct bookings

You must have heard it said that travelers who book a hotel room via an OTA (Online Travel Angecy) remain customers of the OTA itself and are unlikely to come book a room from your most profitable channel, your Official Site. It's not unusual to find...

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Direct bookings are the key to success for your Hotel - Nozio Business

06 Apr Direct bookings are the key to success for your Hotel

Direct online bookings are considered as being the main distributive channel for independent hotels in the United States and other major markets in Europe: France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. This is what Phocuswright has stated in a recent report. While on the one hand...

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Google aggiorna il suo algoritmo premia i siti web mobile-friendly - Nozio Business

05 Apr Google updates its algorithm: Responsive Websites will be rewarded

Starting early May, Google has announced that it will once again alter the algorithm that manages the ranking of mobile search results, increasing the importance of website compatibility with mobile devices. Website not optimized for mobile devices = penalty in organic search results from mobile devices! All...

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05 Apr NOZIO and partner up to enter the Italian market

VENICE - April 2015 - Nozio Business is pleased to announce that it has signed a strategic partnership with, a US brand advocate. Thanks to this collaboration, the brand advocacy platform will be integrated with the Booking Engine Nozio V2. The Booking Engine Nozio V2...

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