Hotel PPC campaigns for Google AdWords

Position Your Website on Google Now

Reach travelers when they’re looking you up on Google

A Google AdWords PPC campaign allows you to generate qualified traffic to your website, increase online sales, and receive calls from travelers interested in your hotel.


How it works

The advertisements are activated only when users enter specific keywords related to your business.

You only pay for the results. Google AdWords ads function according to the Pay Per Click (PPC) model: you pay only if someone clicks, because that person was interested in your ad.

ROI up to 30x

A professional campaign increases your direct sales, online and offline, and generates some of the greatest return on investment (ROI).

Quality website traffic

Intercept travelers at the right moment.

Only the people interested in your hotel or your services click on your ad and visit your website.


Budget management and monitoring

Our experience with Google AdWords allows us to manage advanced budget planning systems and program the best possible visibility strategy on the world’s most popular search engine.

Different formats for your ads

To consistently convert travelers to customers, we choose the ideal advertising format in accordance with your goals: text ads on search networks, display ads on display networks, video ads on YouTube videos.



Our professional team handles hundreds of online advertising campaigns for hotels.


We only reach users that are relevant to your business activities.

Desktop and mobile

Ads can be displayed on all user devices when making searches online.

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