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Nozio Affiliated HotelWith Affiliation, Nozio authorises hoteliers with a proven day-to-day ability to build a direct relationship with travellers to use the Nozio Brand.


For the hotel it means setting out on the journey of disintermediation that improves the profitability of the establishment by reducing the amounts paid to intermediaries thanks to the enhancement of its own sales channel, the Official Website.

Tools and services for Affiliates

Affiliation to Nozio assures you a set of tools and services that work on your Official Website and they qualify it as a channel of sale strongly travellers oriented.



Affiliates are free to use the brand logo, which brings instant recognition from the millions of travellers already familiar with it, wherever they wish: e.g. on the Official Website, signs, brochures, headed notepaper etc, as set out in the User Guide.



Affiliate establishments benefit from all promotional investment in the Nozio brand, ranging from Internet The por tal is constantly being updated and indexed in search engines. The main beneficiaries of these activities are Affiliate establishments, whose Official Websites receive greater visibility than those of their competitors.
International exhibitions and conventions, travel magazines and sector-specific publications are all essential targets of Nozio’s annual marketing activities, which aim to support the brand and our Affiliates.


Booking Engine and Statistics

Affiliates are provided with an on line booking engine that handles direct bookings made through their Official Website. The engine is available in over 30 languages and is capable of dealing with special offers, package deals, services, additional products and special company and group rates, all from a single booking centre. The booking engine also includes a statistics gathering tool, which is essential for constant, real-time monitoring of the Official Website’s performance and sales.


Loyalty Programme: Nozio Traveller Rate and Newsletter

Even more direct contact between the network of Affiliates and the Community of independent travellers is produced through the special prices from which travellers can benefit exclusively by booking through the Affiliate’s Official Website. The regular newsletter, which contains recommendations on destinations and special offers from Affiliates, helps to keep the link with the Community of travellers alive.


Reports, news and analyses

Being up-to-date with the latest tourism industry trends is essential to achieve and maintain high performance levels. Nozio provides Affiliates with its know-how, the result of over 10 years of tourism-related web marketing activities. This includes news and reports on market trends, aggregated statistics on network traffic flows, the results of surveys and polls related to the supply and demand of tourism services and reports on the operating results achieved through Affiliation. All of this is easily and exclusively available to all Affiliates through the MyNozio control panel.


Help and training

A highly qualified working group is available to provide Affiliates with any disintermediation process-related support required. This ranges from technical assistance on the software used to suggestions on how to manage the direct relationship with travellers and Yield Management strategies to improve the profitability of the service provided. Affiliate establishments can attend exclusive direct sales seminars and workshops to receive up-to-date information on market changes and requirements. It is also possible to take tailor-made training courses that address an Affiliate’s specific concerns.



Application and requirements

Submit your application quickly and easily

Nozio grants the use of its brand logo and related benefits to businesspersons who share and uphold the values associated with disintermediation and are committed to putting them into practice in their everyday work. Affiliation is reserved to licensed establishments with above-average quality standards.


They must own or wish to own a domain and related website.


The basic requirement for Affiliation is to clearly share the values set out in the Charter of Values, i.e. the desire to entertain direct relationships with travellers, shorten the distribution network for the product or service and cut out intermediary-based selling


The first step towards Affiliation is the free registration of your business activity and Official Website on our portal. This can be carried out by clicking the appropriate link at the bottom of each page.
Once registration is complete, the MyNozio control panel is activated, through which applications for Affiliation can be submitted and information on the hotel can be updated.

Selection process

A complex algorithm selects establishments that are the most direct-sales oriented, the Nozio Rank™


Applications for Affiliation come from the establishments themselves and are then assessed by our selection staff. If the establishment is located in a destination where there is an Affiliation programme in place, Nozio will assess the hotel using a complex selection algorithm, the results of which is a value known as a Nozio Rank™.


This is a synthetic index which measures how effective hotels are at using the Internet to build direct relationships with travellers. If the Nozio Rank™, is equal to or over 3, the establishment fulfils all the requirements for Affiliation and the Affiliation Contract can be signed.


The Nozio Rank™ is a dynamic tool: once determined at the time of the initial application, the rank is automatically updated, thereby constantly monitoring the suitability of Affiliate establishments.
If an Affiliate establishment’s Nozio Rank™ goes below the minimum threshold level (3), Nozio will alert the establishment and provide information on the steps that should be taken to restore its Nozio Rank™ to 3.


The Nozio Rank™ is calculated using an algorithm that produces a point score between 0 and 5.
Three aspects are evaluated, each of which is assessed in depth according to specific criteria:
website (assessment of features such as: contents, graphics, user-friendliness, search engine visibility etc.);
online reputation (assessment of reviews published on the main online review portals and analysis of official reviews on Nozio);
rate parity (assessment of pricing policy applied: comparison between direct and intermediary prices).


Each aspect, together with its related criteria, receives a final points score that is weighted according to the aspectis importance in the algorithm.




Following the award of a Nozio Rank™, market launch is just a few easy steps away


The Contract

Once the establishment’s suitability for Affiliation has been verified, a contract marks its official entry into the network, stipulates the rights and responsibilities of both parties and sets out good practice for the proper use of the brand logo and associated know-how. The establishment is provided with the tools for brand recognition as set out in the User Guide, which stipulates how they should be used in the various areas of application. In line with the Charter of Values, there is no commission due on any product sold. Instead, there is a fixed annual fee that is specifically designed to meet the requirements of various kinds of establishments. It is calculated according to the size of the establishment and the number of months it is opened.


Affiliate guarantees to travellers

The brand logo informs independent travellers of the advantages of purchasing directly, as well as guiding them towards those hotels that have the best direct relationships and are committed to:

– providing clear and accurate information on their Official Website;
– satisfying traveller’s requirements;
– guaranteeing travellers the best online rates when they book through the Official Website.


Presentation and launch

Entry into the network is announced to all other Affiliates, the portal’s travellers and the tourism market in general, through various marketing actions. These include the newsletter to the Community member travellers and other Affiliate establishments, a link on the portal’s homepage for a week and press releases to the traditional and sector-specific media.

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