TripAdvisor seals deal with American Express: a new step for verified reviews

TripAdvisor & American Express

19 Jan TripAdvisor seals deal with American Express: a new step for verified reviews

TripAdvisor has recently sealed a new deal with the credit card giant American Express  to increase the reliability of its reviews. This agreement allows Amex card holders to take advantage of discounts and up-to-date information on tourism destinations..

What does this mean for hoteliers?

It means they can view the giant of online reviews with less skepticism;; it’s a well known fact that TripAdvisor is trying hard to resolve the problem of reliability for its reviews, quickly and intelligently.

Hotel managers have always held contrasting opinions towards the popular portal: some say they’re satisfied with the review system, whereas others see it as a “demon”that is ruining their business. Contrarily, TripAdvisor must be seen as an opportunity to improve your business, avoiding needless prejudices while seeking to exploit the visibility it offers hotel establishments.


Thanks to this partnership, each review issued by an Amex card holder connected to their TripAdvisor profile will bear a “Amex Traveller” and “Amex Card Member” badge, distinguishing it from other users.


Card holders have access to the latest buying trends of other American Express users, thanks to the Amex Spend Graph, a special graph that highlights which hotels and restaurants users are booking, and the special offers dedicated to them. Stacy Gratz, Amex Vice President of Digital partnership, states that “this partnership offers context and relevancy for Amex travelers, as well as for other TripAdvisor users, when they’re planning a trip”.

This way, TripAdvisor ensure that it has a solid base of reliable users, guaranteeing more authentic reviews; although the portal has already adopted a semantic analysis system for identifying possible fake reviews. This partnership is just an additional step towards offering better service to both hoteliers and travelers. American Express boasts a broad customer base (almost 90 million users), making it a precious partner for a portal that needs verified reviews. Furthermore, we need to remember that this isn’t the first partnership for Amex with big industry players, since it is already partnered with Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

Why do I need to keep track of reviews citing my establishment on TripAdvisor?

TripAdvisor is a travel portal with 200 million unique users (1.2 million active in Italy alone), with revenues of 762 million dollars in 2012 ( With these statistics in hand, the portal represents a significant window for providing visibility to your tourism establishment: in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) the portal’s positioning is excellent, with the number of reviews and a preview of a review appearing below the hotel’s official website.

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Ultimately,”stars” in TripAdvisor (score provided by travelers) now count for more than the stars detained by a hotel establishment, seeing as they bear a considerable influence on potential customers. A positive review for a tourism establishment can strengthen its reputation, significantly increasing bookings and customers’ propensity to spend.

Do you believe this partnership will mark a turning point in the relationship between hoteliers and TripAdvisor? Do you know how to take advantage of visibility on TripAdvisor for your establishment?

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