Author: Mauro Aiello

18 Jan Trivago Direct Booking

A product to promote your hotel business lets you increase visibility and direct sales, completing with the largest international OTA. visibility ROI high Increse direct sales It’s easy! With Nozio Business professional consulting, your hotel can plan a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign based on your...

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Google Hotel Finder

17 Jan Google Hotel Finder

Lately, we’ve witnessed a change in the online tourism market: large OTAs (online travel agencies) have been gaining ground against meta search engines such as Kayak, Trivago, and recently Google Hotel Finder. What is a metasearch engine and how does it work? ...

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Google HPA_en

14 Jan Google HPA – Hotel Price Ads

Availability and prices from your Official Website in real time on Google? A new service for hotel owners who want to take advantage of direct sales and benefit from visibility on the most well-known search engine. ...

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Revenue Management

12 Jan What is Revenue Management & how to optimize hotel revenues

The term Revenue Management is being used frequently within the hotel sector of late, with a myriad of expert consultants now working in this field. But what is revenue management for? Revenue Management, also known as Yield Management, “is a variable pricing strategy, based on understanding, anticipating...

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11 Jan The revolution of referrals

The results are surprising: the model for attributing value to the various digital channels followed by marketing managers was elaborated before the birth of social media, which leads them to grossly underestimate the incidence of social media in generating sales and revenue online. ...

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10 Jan Social networks: + visibility = + sales?

Social networks are excellent marketing tools that allow us to reach a preset target at a contained cost. However, consistency and method are required in order to use them effectively. Using these tools allows a tourism establishment to increase the incidence of direct interaction with customers...

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Mobile travel market

09 Jan Mobile sites for Hotels and Lodgings

Given the practicality and the relentless spread of smart phone devices, the mobile version of your official website has become more than ever a necessity to render your establishment’s website available to all travelers who make use of a smart phone, with the aim of...

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