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Reach travellers right when they look for you on the Google search engine

A PPC Google Ads campaign allows you to generate qualified traffic to your Official Website, increase online sales and receive phone calls from travellers interested in your Hotel.

How does it work?

Advertisements are activated only when users type specific keywords related to your business.

You only pay for the results. Google Ads advertisements work on the Pay Per Click (PPC) model: you only pay if someone clicks your ad because it considers it interesting.

ROI up to 30X

A professional campaign increases your direct sales online and offline and generates the highest return on investment (ROI).

Visits to the quality Official Website

Intercept travellers at the right time.

Only people interested in your Hotel or the services you offer click your ad and visit your Website.

Budget control and monitoring

Our experience with Google Ads allows us to manage advanced budget planning systems to set the best visibility strategy on the world’s most popular search engines.

Different ad formats

We choose the ideal format based on your goals: text ads on the search network, display ads on the display network, video ads on YouTube for every moment of the traveller’s purchase process.


Our professionals manage hundreds of online advertising campaigns for Hotels.


We only reach the most important users for your business.

Desktop and mobile

Ads can be displayed on all devices used by users to search online.

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