Target Advertising – Social

Your Hotel in the era of Social Networks



Also Social Networks can generate bookings!

Reach travellers through the most widely used Social Networks.

Social Advertising allows you to generate qualified traffic to your Official Website, increase direct sales, intercept new travellers and retain your customers. A successful social media campaign is designed to highlight the uniqueness of each Hotel and communicate them in the most suitable Social Media channel.

Why use them?

Social medias are the most widely used means of communication. Your Hotel needs to use these means to sponsor itself and stand out. Creating effective and impactful Social Campaigns can make a difference.

The main goal

The main goal of Social Advertising is to generate traffic on your Official Website, identify new potential travellers, encourage your customers to return and increase direct bookings.

Budget control and monitoring

Through the most advanced social monitoring and analysis tools, and thanks to our twenty years of experience, we can set the best visibility and communication strategy, manage the assigned budget, improve the performance of social pages and guarantee an increase in both direct contacts and reservations.

Facebook o Instagram?

Both… these two social medias are fundamental to receive insights on travellers: tastes, preferences and opinions that allow you to become familiar with your potential customer.

Our Team organises and manages Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, Retargeting, Promotion and Sponsorship campaigns for your Hotel.

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