Nozio ReGuest

Travellers are looking for tailor-made deals:
Turn their interest into reservations!

With ReGuest you can create TAILOR-MADE deals for your customers, using emotional contents and real-time communication.

Is it really possible to talk to a person about the holiday of his/her dreams, staying within the limited space of an e-mail?


E-mail contacts have always been close to those who want to communicate Emotions: this is why ReGuest was created, the tool that allows you to unleash the true potential of offers to your customers.

With Reguest you can respond to your customers’ requests by inviting them to consult a personalised offer. You’ll be able to capture their attention by leveraging emotional multimedia contents and offering them the best set of possibilities for their needs.


ReGuest allows travellers and hotel staff to communicate on multiple channels, keeping the contact alive until the booking is completed.

ReGuest allows you to control the process that leads travellers from requesting information to direct booking.


Request for information

Your hotel receives many, but to turn them into reservations requires more than just an e-mail.


Personalised Offer

Thanks to the connection between the booking system and a library of models, it is possible to create a high-impact personalised offer in just a few minutes and send it to the applicant.


Presentation of the Offer

The Traveller can consult the offer proposed to him/her on a dedicated web page. The offer is created with responsive technology and therefore perfectly viewable with any device.


Communication Management

Communications between the Traveller and Hotel staff can take place directly on the offer page, thanks to integrated messaging and notification tools.


Invitation to the reservation

The Traveller can proceed with the booking request directly from the offers page, providing Credit Card information through a secure form.


Pre-Stay Communications

In the period prior to his/her arrival, the Traveller will receive reminder e-mails and the possibility of requesting additional services for his/her stay.


Post-Stay Communications

The application follows the Traveller even after his/her stay: a timed message will remind the guest to write a review for your facility on the most important online portals.


Privacy By Design

ReGuest respects the European guidelines on Privacy and Consensual Use of user data specified in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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