Transform your customers into Ambassadors for your Hotel

Today, sharing experiences is one of the most popular activities among Internet users.

Your customers are your first Ambassadors, your greatest supporters, those who can speak well about their experience with all their friends. It is estimated that Brand Ambassadors are 50% more influential than regular customers.

Ambassadors trigger “word-of-mouth”. Today, online word-of-mouth happens on social networks; with Facebook and Twitter first and foremost, as well as via Google +, Instagram and Pinterest. Travelers 2.0 stand out because they speak out and share their experiences on social networks with all their friends. Interacting and involving travelers is the right strategy for triggering a virtuous word-of-mouth circle on social networks.

“Listening” to your customers’ opinions is also extremely important. Reviews published on portals such as TripAdvisor and play an essential role in the decision making process for travelers, and as such you need to know your Brand Reputation on the Internet.

Don’t underestimate the influence of social networks… travelers of the digital era certainly don’t!

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