Turn satisfied customers into ambassadors of your Hotel


Nowadays, sharing experiences is one of the most popular activities among internet users. Your customers are your first Ambassadors, the most enthusiastic supporters, those who can speak well of their experience with all their friends. It is estimated that Brand Ambassadors are 50% more influential than normal customers. Ambassadors trigger “word of mouth”.

Interacting and engaging travellers is the strategy to trigger the virtuous circle of viral word of mouth on social medias. The “listening” phase of your customers’ opinions is also of great importance. Reviews on portals such as TripAdvisor or play a key role in the traveller selection process and therefore you need to know what your Brand Reputation is on the web. Don’t underestimate the influence of social channels…travellers of the digital era don’t!

Brand Advocacy

Engage customers who have booked a stay and encourage them to share via their social media profiles to trigger online word of mouth.

Hotel Insight

Manage digital communication and improve your hotel's reputation by monitoring reviews and learn how to communicate better through the Official Website and social medias.


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