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Generate more direct bookings



Improve the online reputation of your accommodation facility


79% of travellers book a Hotel accommodation after consulting their network of contacts and reading online reviews


Do you have the time to check all the conversations and reviews about you?

Nozio Hotel Insight, in collaboration with Travel Appeal, is more than a web reputation manager: it analyses the opinions of your customers and provides you with useful tips to improve the quality and online communication of your Hotel!

How it works

With a unique tool you can collect the data on the most famous travel portals and manage the Hotel’s web reputation. Nozio Hotel Insight evaluates the opnions of travellers on the main travel channels and social networks, such as TripAdvisor, Booking or Facebook, in the most widely-used languages and provides you with useful data on the aspects to be improved.

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Analysis by topic

Discover your strengths and aspects that need improvement directly from your customers.

Competitor analysis

Compare rates and reputation of your competitors to act on sensitive points and offer the best to your guests.

Analysis of the contents of the Official Website

Improve the user experience of the Website and discover the margins of improvement of your online communication on Social Networks.

Monitor the rates

Discover your competitor’s rates and set your strategy in advance.

This data provides you with valuable information on the relationship between online reputation and room sales prices.

Nozio Business + Travel Appeal

A winning partnership to support hoteliers.

Experience and tools to provide intuitive access to strategic big data to intercept travellers’ desires and improve the performance of your Hotel.


Create tailor-made reports and program automatic submissions to your e-mail account in order to control your web reputation.

Alerts and notifications

Set up alerts and notifications to immediately discover all the new traveller reviews on your Hotel.

Direct replies

Reply to reviews directly from the platform or through the free plugin for Google Chrome.


The software is integrated with Qualitando to create and send personalised surveys to your guests.

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