Hoteliers “trapped”. Evolution of distribution over the past decade

Evolution of online distribution

08 Jan Hoteliers “trapped”. Evolution of distribution over the past decade

Over the years, we’ve often found ourselves seated in front of hotel managers taking over the family business, or simply “adventurers” who decided to throw themselves into a sector that was unknown to them but highly alluring. 
Online Travel Agency.
Online Distribution.
Strategic Consulting.

In both cases, all have had to come to grips with the radical changes caused by: a rapid evolution in technology, social changes, the birth of low-cost airlines, all of which are factors which have completely revolutionized our travel experience (and bookings), putting a heavy strain on entrepreneurs in the industry. Hoteliers who sensed this revolution at its inception have managed to effectively respond to evolutions in the market. Contrarily, those who haven’t dedicated time to getting up-to-date on the evolution of the world wide web found themselves having to admit that the old sales methods were no longer viable.

Opting for a rapid and radical intervention was the only possible solution, but more often than not it proved difficult to pinpoint the right moves to apply. This Internet race also witnessed the appearance of a multitude of online tourist portals that attracted hotel managers, proposing unpresumptuous commissions that initially generated a great deal of visibility and high revenues; over time, however, the initial assumptions came to pass and the benefits were reduced. Hoteliers witnessed a rapid increase in competitors, and OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) led to a loss of positioning for official websites, thanks to advertising based on the name of establishments.

The solution?

It was at this crucial stage that Nozio Business, aware of the problem issues of hoteliers, offered its services as a strategic consultant to analyze their needs and modify their modus operandi in order to optimize and reduce work times, thanks also to highly specialized technology tools (simplified and efficient back office management; Marketing, E-commerce and Pricing solutions, management of statistical data, etc.), with the aim of creating new sales opportunities and growing profit margins.

Thanks to our know-how acquire dover the years, Nozio Business is now an industry leader in increasing revenues and occupancy rates for accommodations establishments, promoting customer loyalty directly and reaching shared results, KPI, right from the start of our partnership with the hotel. 


Image credit: A. Jones