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09 Jan Mobile sites for Hotels and Lodgings

Given the practicality and the relentless spread of smart phone devices, the mobile version of your official website has become more than ever a necessity to render your establishment’s website available to all travelers who make use of a smart phone, with the aim of increasing direct bookings.

+72% of users never leave home without their mobile device.
+1 billion mobile devices used worldwide.

To this end, an optimization is required which facilitates browsing and, at the same time, effectively communicates your establishment. In fact, the characteristics of a Mobile Site created by Nozio are:

  • a simplified graphic interface for mobile supports;
  • simple and intuitive navigation menu and site architecture;
  • optimization of content on the Official Site;
  • integration with dynamic content from the website (Special Offers, Events, Reviews);
  • integration with the online booking system;
  • simplified telephone call;
  • possibility of creating more language versions.

Your establishment’s official website is available to all mobile devices (iPhone iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry…).

Your hotel is in everyone’s pocket: thanks to the mobile version of your hotel’s official website, direct bookings have never been so easy! Find out how…