Travel and Hotel reservations by mobile: the Millennials are ready!

Travel and hotel reservations by mobile the millennials are ready - Nozio Business

16 May Travel and Hotel reservations by mobile: the Millennials are ready!

Mobile devices have an essential role in the daily lives of all consumers. Smartphones and tablets occupy a crucial position in the searching and purchasing decisions of all of us, but a recent Google report shows how Millennials are more predisposed to use mobile devices to purchase travel tickets and book Hotels.

Millennials: statistics on buying habits and reservations made from mobiles

The infographic highlights the differences between Millennials and consumers over 35 years of age.

Below is a summary of the most interesting data:

  • 66% of Millennials use their smartphones to buy a plane ticket and 27% to book a Hotel room
  • 66% of Millennials expect to find the information they are looking for on flights and hotels
  • regardless of the type of device used
  • 2/3 of Millennials plan their trips on mobile devices

From the survey data we can conclude that it is absolutely necessary for Hotels to plan a Mobile Marketing strategy in order to reach new market shares; as well as acquire compatible tools with traveler habits, such as a Website and a responsive booking engine.
The future of hospitality and Hotel Marketing will pass through our smartphones!

Below you’ll find Google’s original infographic.



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Source: Google